Growing orchids requires
extreme specialty, skills and patience

Growing orchids is a time-consuming and expensive activity. Between the growth process of the orchid meristem (plant parts) and the moment when the plant finds its destination in a living room, a period of 106 weeks easily passes. In other words; during the period in which a baby grows into a toddler of 12 kilos and about 90 cm length – and learns to eat, talk and walk in the process – an orchid grows into a 60 cm to 70 cm high plant.

Meticulous work

An orchid spends the first period of its existence – about 9 months – in a sterile area, where temperature and humidity are extremely important. This is to keep away the mold. The packing process of the orchids, at the end of their stay in the plantation, is another precise job. It is done extremely carefully, to prevent that more than two years’ worth of work is destroyed in seconds.

Fair price

It goes without saying that all that dedication, attention and time comes at a price. That means that an orchid is never ‘cheap’. On the other hand, what is expensive? A standard orchid has a flowering period between six to eight weeks. And some varieties may have three consecutive flowering periods a year. What other bouquet of flowers can beat that.