Since 1959, the
family business SO natural has been active on the Dutch market

The founder of the Smaal companies is Hendrik Smaal. In 1959 he purchased 1.2 hectare of land at the Herenweg in Moerkapelle and realized a greenhouse in which he grew tomatoes and lettuce. After Hendrik Smaal started his company, his brand awareness grew very fast and in the sixties and seventies he expanded vastly. In 1989, three partners joined him, including his sons André and Martin Smaal. In Bleiswijk, 3 hectares of greenhouse complex was purchased of over 15.000 m2. The cultivation of tomatoes remained central, but the company invested heavily in new cultivation methods and techniques.

The start of Moerkapelle

During the nineties, all activities were centralized from Bleiswijk. It was time for a change. Hendrik Smaal left the company and within the company a major reorganization took place. Ficus plants and annuals were now also grown and sold.

The company continued to grow and in 2004, moved to the Bredeweg in Moerkapelle. Advantage of this move also was the great transport possibilities, due to the location at the A12. A completely new complex with 25.000 m2 was built. The new cultivation product became the Phalaenopsis.

A new orchid plantation

The branch in Bleiswijk has its own story. One of the sons of Hendrik Smaal, Hans Smaal, launched his own horticulture company there. First in Bergschenhoek, where Hans Smaal ended up through an acquisition in the production of orchids (Cymbidium). Together with his younger brother, Johan Smaal, Hans decided in 1998 to establish a new orchid plantation at the Narcissenweg in Bleiswijk. Since the company kept growing and expansion in this region wasn’t possible, they looked for a new branch. At the Krokussenweg in Bleiswijk they realized a new, state of the art 21.000 m2 plantation in 2002. There, they grew and sold Phalaenopsis orchids. As soon as four years later, the area had to be doubled due to the huge growth of the company.

A new beginning

In the meantime, brothers André and Martin were also successful in growing orchids. Their focus was on product development within the Phalaenopsis orchids. Meanwhile, many similarities had arisen between the two companies of Hans, Johan, André and Martin. In 2005, the two companies merged, and from that moment on the four brothers worked together under one name: Smaal Orchideeën (SO).

Several branches, several specialties

In 2008 another company of the Smaal family was established SO natural B.V. Meanwhile, the fifth son of Hendrik Smaal, Wouter Smaal had joined the family business. Previously, he was active as entrepreneur in a partnership and he led a bell pepper plantation. In addition, he provided assistance to several companies, as a consultant.

With the establishment of SO natural B.V. the organization changed significantly. The company was subdivided into a number of Business units (Moerkapelle, Bleiswijk and Young Plants) each with their own responsible manager. The daily management of SO natural was placed in a three-member management. An Advisory Board in which three reputable business people participate, watches over the company and keeps everyone in the daily management on their toes.